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Characters of Tom and Jerry Kids Show

Main Characters
Thomas Cat
One of the two protagonists of the show. Tom is a bluish-grey housecat, depending on the short (Tom's fur color is close to that of the Russian Blue breed of cats), friend of Jerry (sometimes) and his depredator (major of times). In his appearances in the show, he uses a red hat. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Jerry Mouse
One of the two protagonists of the show. Jerry characteristics are: Small, brown, cherubic yet cheeky impish schemer, is happy minding his own business until cornered, piqued or generally provoked. Friend of Tom (sometimes) and his persecuted by him. In his appearances in the show, he uses a red tie. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

An intelligent and seductive dog. In some episodes he is detective, hunter, runner, etc. He is voiced by Don Messick.


The son of Droopy. He is very intelligent and seductive with many girls. He is always with his father and they always do the same (although sometimes Dripple thinks “better” than his father). The identity of his mother is never mentioned or even addressed, although, due to Droopy's frequent relationships with Mis Vavoom, it can be assumed that his mother is either dead or is divorced from Droopy with no visitation rights. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.

The villain of the "Droopy and Dripple" segments. A bad and cruel wolf whose only mission is to ruin the life of Droopy and Dripple (and sometimes to remain with Miss Vavoom). Sometimes for of crazy scientist whom it loves to dominate the world, of space villain, a criminal fat person (known as "The Chubby Man"), etc. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Miss Vavoom
The attractiveness and is contiguous woman of the show. She is very seductive and she always takes different hairdos. She always is conquered by Droopy and most of times is the greater target of McWolf. Sometimes she is called Bubbles Vavoom, Ultra Vavoom, Sugar Vavoom, etc.. She is voiced by Teresa Ganzel.

Spike is a bulldog guard dog that in this show tries to protect his son, Tyke, of many dangers and tries to educate in the best possible. Sometimes is friend of Tom and Jerry. He is voiced by Dick Gautier.

Tyke is the son of Spike that one always puts in problems, and their father, Spike, as his to have, must save it. Unlike the earlier shorts with Tom and Jerry, Tyke can now speak. He is voiced by Patric Zimmerman.

Calaboose Cal
A gold cat owner of a show of demonstration and participation. He is arrogant (sometimes), has a rancher accent, and is sometimes presented as an enemy to Thomas Cat. He is voiced by Phil Hartman.

Urfo is a six-legged alien dog that arrives on Earth many times and helps Jerry fend off Tom. His owners often send people to retrieve him.

Minor Characters

Buzzy: He is a young boy who sees one day unloading in his room Urfo. Voiced by Tim Curry.

Clyde: He is a fat cat that often one puts in problems, and when Tom and Jerry save it, he promises to be its better friend (Although for Tom and Jerry he is like a punishment). Voiced by Brian Cummings.

Kyle the Cat: A vicious cat that always tries to eat to Jerry. Voiced by Pat Fraley.

Wildmouse: A gray, shaggy fanged mouse who occasionally helps Jerry and outwits his foes. Like Tom and Jerry, Wildmouse is voiced by Frank Welker.

Moncy: A cougar who loves torment the rest. He wants to eat Tyke (and Spike gives deserved his him).

Muscle Guy: As his name says it, he is muscular and jealous. He is the boyfriend of Miss Vavoom in an episode.

The Vermins: A trio of rocker mice who Jerry loves. He becomes a part of the group.

The Chubby Man: McWolf known name in "Droopy, Master Detective". He is fat, cruel, bad and vicious.

Mystery Lady: Miss Vavoom known name in The Calaboose Cal shorts. She is the assistant of Calaboose Cal.

Super Mouse: A super-hero mouse of the space.

Slowpoke Antonio: Jerry's cousin from Texas and probably the son of his uncle Pecos. They share the same traits, such as singing, playing guitars and superstrength. Voiced by William Callaway.

A little bit About Tom and Jerry Kids

Tom & Jerry Kids is an animated television series, featuring the famous cat and mouse duo as children. The show premiered on part of the Fox Kids lineup on FOX on September 8, 1990 and continued airing until October 2, 1993. It is one of only two Hanna-Barbera shows (alongside spin-off Droopy, Master Detective) to air in first-run on Fox Kids.

The series is somewhat similar to the "older" version of the classic theatrical shorts. In terms of level of violence, they are less violent than their predecessor. Also, they show some tendency of using various tools or weapons in order to attack each other, rather than solely resort to simple chasing.

The series was a co-production with Turner Entertainment, which had bought the Tom and Jerry franchise in 1986 from MGM. Parent company Turner Broadcasting System would buy Hanna-Barbera in late 1991.

Perhaps the notable differences from the classic shorts are Tom and Jerry's appearances. The young Tom wore a red baseball cap on his head, and the young Jerry had a nice clump of hair on his head and sported a red bow tie (a symbol of the 1975 Hanna-Barbera Tom and Jerry cartoons). The show consists of three seven-minute shorts. The earliest (1990-1991) episodes contained two Tom and Jerry shorts, and one short that either features Droopy & Dripple or Spike & Tyke. Besides the wolf from the Droopy cartoons being featured as McWolf, other characters introduced are Calaboose Cal, Slowpoke Antonio, Kyle the Cat, Clyde the Cat, and Miss Vavoom.

However, the later episodes that begun airing in 1992 had become more variant in terms of featured characters. Characters that starred in their own segments include Slowpoke Antonio, Kyle the Cat, and Wildmouse. Many times, there was only one Tom and Jerry short featured in the 1992-1993 episodes. Also, there was an episode that featured Blast-Off Buzzard and Crazylegs (in which they actually spoke here) from CB Bears.

After its cancellation by FOX on October 2, 1993 it soon began airing in reruns on the Cartoon Network between 1995 and ended in 1999. Cartoon Network showed it again in 2000 through 2002. It also showed it in 2005. In April 2006, Tom & Jerry Kids was dropped from the Cartoon Network schedule and instead moved over to its sibling network Boomerang where it currently shows occasionally without the start and end titles. Cartoon Network TOO would also later remove the show from their lineup in 2009. This show was given a Daytime Emmy nomination in 1992 for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition.

There are a total of 195 theatrical shorts [in 4 Season] starring Tom and Jerry Kids.